The Acquisition of Equipment and Facilities for Expansion of Hospitality Project by Pikidi Gardens Ecolodge aims to enhance the existing accommodation facilities to meet the growing market demand. Nestled in a tranquil private property right by the shores of Lake Victoria, Pikidi Gardens Ecolodge offers a variety of rooms and tents designed in an eco-friendly manner, providing guests with a serene and unspoilt natural environment. With the slogan "The epitome of tranquility in the heart of Siaya County," the project promoter is dedicated to acquiring the necessary equipment and expanding the facilities to further improve guest experiences. The project boasts several strengths that contribute to its appeal and potential for success. Located in a serene environment, Pikidi Gardens Ecolodge has been developed with a strong emphasis on environmental friendliness, ensuring minimal disruption to the natural surroundings and biodiversity. Its prime location on the shores of Lake Victoria allows for easy access through both road and water transport, with modern boats available for visitors. The promoter, a passionate and committed lady entrepreneur, brings a personal dedication to the project's success, further enhancing its prospects. With projected employment for 8 individuals and estimated sales of USD 45,000, the expansion project is set to make a significant impact on the local economy. Operating in the sector of hotels, camping sites, and short-stay accommodation, Pikidi Gardens Ecolodge is strategically positioned to attract tourists seeking a tranquil and eco-friendly retreat. The physical address at Liunda Beach in Bondo, Siaya County, provides a picturesque and accessible location that complements the lodge's eco-friendly ethos and commitment to sustainability. This expansion will not only boost the local economy but also solidify Pikidi Gardens Ecolodge's reputation as a premier destination for eco-conscious travelers.



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