Kirinyaga County produces 62,877 tons of rice annually from 14,137ha of land resulting in a yield of 4.4tons/ha; rice is the second most important crop after tea earning 10,726 farmers in the county, approximately Kshs. 3.8Billion (USD 380Million). The proposal of establishing a rice wine factory seeks to address post-harvest losses, promote value addition, increase farmers’ income and expand the county revenue base. The rice wine factory will comprise an agro-processing plant that will convert raw rice grain to high-quality rice wine. The primary beneficiaries from the rice wine factory will be multiple parties: rice farmers who will be able to access diversified markets for their agricultural produce and farm inputs, increased revenue from the sale of agricultural produce; employment opportunities for the local communities; the private sector will expand the market for their products, and the County government will expand its revenue base.



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