The project Expansion of Eaglepharm Chemists, aims to broaden the company's reach by opening new branches in multiple counties, including Kakamega, Kisumu, Migori, Bungoma, Mombasa, and additional locations in Nairobi. This strategic expansion is designed to enhance the accessibility of Eaglepharm's services, ensuring that more communities can benefit from their reputable pharmaceutical products and services. In addition to expanding physical locations, the project will introduce laboratory services in all outlets, providing comprehensive health solutions under one roof. Moreover, Eaglepharm will offer insurance and NHIF services, facilitating easier access to healthcare for insured clients. Eaglepharm Chemists stands on a solid foundation with a well-established reputation, having already operated three successful branches in Nairobi. The company's management team comprises a director and a marketing manager, both of whom are seasoned professionals in the pharmaceutical sector. This expertise is crucial in navigating the complexities of the industry and leveraging opportunities for growth. The demand for pharmaceutical products through insurance schemes and NHIF presents a significant advantage, ensuring a steady customer base. Additionally, the industry is well-regulated, providing a stable environment for business operations. The project, with an estimated cost of USD 339,000, is set to create employment for 60 individuals, thereby contributing to local economies. Projected annual sales are estimated at USD 2.4 million, underscoring the project's potential for profitability and sustainable growth. Eaglepharm's expansion strategy taps into the retail sale of pharmaceutical and medical goods, cosmetics, and toilet articles sectors, aligning with market demands and healthcare needs. With opportunities for further expansion across the country, Eaglepharm Chemists is poised to become a leading player in Kenya's healthcare landscape, delivering quality products and services to a broader population.



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