The project will entail upgrade of the existing facility to buttress our current design and production of an array of apparel that provides comfort, fit and flare, while striving to create sustainable livelihoods by offering decent work to women and youth, and contribute to economic growth while producing trendy, comfortable and appealing garb that inspires emotional connections through experiential shopping. This is bolstered by the increasing middle-class in Kenya and the region, who have huge appetite for high quality products. The project will be phased into two, to facilitate assimilation of the new machines as well as technological and knowledge transfer. The main objectives of the project are: - To increase efficiency of production through upgrade of machinery and technology - To diversify production lines in order to meet customer demands - To grow customer base organically by expanding to the region and internationally - To increase our revenues - To expand our supply chain, both upstream and downstream Project Strengths Kega Fashions draws its strength from the wealth of experience and expertise in designing and production of intimates and are reputed for our high quality standards and fabrics. Our agility was evident during the pandemic period, which enabled us to pivot and produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for various medical Institutions. Subsequently, in these volatile times, our ability to customize based on customer needs has propelled us to develop new product lines that will in turn help us actualize our adopted SDGs (8, 9, 12). Our envisioned investment in more sustainable energy sources will further help us reduce production costs and therefore increase our resilience and increase our production capacity.



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