Lower Murang’a Integrated Irrigation Project is found in the semi-arid areas of Murang’a County. The communities in the region remain-faint-fed agriculture for their livelihood, which continues to be unreliable and hence experience recurrent crop failures due to erratic and inadequate rainfall. The Project will supply irrigation water to about 8153 households with 33,000 direct beneficiaries in the drier lower Murang’a areas with a potential net irrigation area of 8,000 Hectares. The irrigation development will be integrated with hydropower generation of a combined 2.5 MW of power along the Maragua, Thika and Kayahwe Rivers. This will increase access to power to promote Small and Medium Enterprises. Estimated cost US$102.5Milliooutputsct outputs: 8,000ha irrigated area • 8,153 households served with irrigation water • Water storage facilities with a capacity of 20,000,000m3 • Five (5) diversion Weir constructed • Water transmission, branch and infield pipelines installed, • 2.5MW of hydroelectric power produced The scope of the Project: The system consists of the following components; • Construction of the head works containing diversion weir and regulating gates. • Conveyance system with a total network of 90.76km • Main lines with an entire network of 43.66km to distribute water to the blocks. • Sub-mains for delivering water to the distribution /feeder lines of the system with a total network of 85.47km



Public Private Partnership

Sites identified

Maragua, Gatanga and sub-counties in Muranga County