The main objective of M-Safi clean is to make Kwale County clean and in the process conserve the environment. Cleaning the environment is key to existence and survival of life on planet earth. Maintaining of the environment through garbage collection will therefore reduce land and water pollution, preserve our biosphere, protect endangered species and also help preserve the earths natural resources. M-Safi Waste Experts aims at cleaning up nature from plastic waste and create a new value by making usable products out of plastic waste that is collected . M-Safi Waste intends to move from just collection of plastics and organic waste to value addition for a circular economy by producing pallets , organic waste manure and alternative source of fuel (briquettes) for domestic use. Project Strengths i) the facility will be the first one in South Coast ii) Availability of waste from hotels , beaches and homes will be enough raw material to run the facility iii) Address the pollution of the ocean which is a big menace iv) Demand for end products ( plastic pellets, organic manure and briquettes)

Environment and Mining

Environment and Mining

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