The project aims to improve accessibility to diagnostic outcomes across Africa and introduce new technologies through local manufacturing. Collaboratively, this will help reduce the overall disease burden on Africa and lead to the overall strengthening of our healthcare system. Currently, for every one test conducted in a low income country, more than 100 are conducted in high-income countries, due to accessibility and affordability. This inequity in testing creates a dangerous situation. Africa has the highest burden of some of the major diseases, for example, Africa has a malaria burden of 94%, yet less than 1 in 3 children under the age of 5 are tested for malaria; 16% of the population do not have access to HIV testing; and less than 1 in 10 are tested for Hepatitis. Testing remains the cornerstone to any disease response, and yet there exists no local manufacturers to improve accessibility to this. Therefore, after understanding the burden on testing across Africa for just 3 life threatening diseases and the requirement for locally manufactured Rapid Diagnostic Test kits for the African continent, it was vital to ensure we introduce effective outcomes to solve the crisis of accessibility, affordability and quality for the African continent. Further, technologies developed across the globe are needed in Africa for the African population to ensure improved healthcare outcomes. However, this only addresses a minor percentage of the African population. Therefore, with a local manufacturer such as Revital Healthcare (EPZ) Ltd developing home-grown solutions for various rapid tests which address the continents needs, these new technologies will not only create new opportunities for locals but also prosper a new generation of talent within the field of STEM who will draw inspiration to create new technologies to address major diseases affecting Africa as we shall have the infrastructure for greater research and development. Project Strengths Strategic Location - The project will benefit from easy access to the importation of raw material and the export of the finished products as the manufacturing plant is located 45 minutes from the Port of Mombasa and the Mombasa International Airport. Availability of skilled & affordable labour - We already have access to a pool of skilled labour from local communities and university graduates in related fields to ensure continuity of skill transfer at affordable rates and empowerment of communities within the region through greater job creation. Ready market - We have successfully expanded to 28+ countries across the globe with a good ration of public sector, private sector and NGO clientele. We will therefore naturally implement such new products with our established clientele, leading to a direct injection towards the ROI. Furthermore, products exported from Kenya enjoy 0% duty rate across East Africa and COMESA regions and a number of foreign markets. Notably, Revital shall be the only manufacturer in the region to dominate this market against imported products. Market Dominance - We shall be the only manufacturer of RDTs within the region with an understanding of the African culture and systems. We hold several international certifications such as CE, ISO 13485/9001/14001, WHO-GMP and WHO-PQS. We have an already established collaboration with international organizations and Research Institutions for technology transfer and continuous R&D. Supply Chain - Testing will always be a prerequisite for treatment. With global supply chain bottlenecks continuing to increase, including higher freight and raw material costs, this project poses direct solution to such challenges, through local production which will ensure production, quality assurance and supply to the already established and available market at faster rate and at a fraction of the cost.





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