The objective of launching its own apparel brand as a leading name in the country is anchored in building long-term relationships with clients and delivering top-notch service. The company aims to secure a 5% market share in its first year by producing high-quality products that command the best prices. This initiative will also create jobs for Kenyans, thereby improving their standard of living. To achieve these goals, an investor is sought to collaborate on a joint venture basis, providing machinery and operational management. The project will be strategically located in the EPZ Zones in Athi River, an area known for its conducive business environment, complete with essential social amenities and incentives. The strengths of this project are robust and multi-faceted. The company has already established a market for its products and secured an investor from the same industry who will provide guidance and technological support, ensuring compliance with EPZA textile manufacturing standards. This investor will also facilitate introductions to additional buyers, further expanding the market reach. The project’s location at the EPZ is advantageous, offering critical infrastructure such as water and electricity, and the company has acquired its own land there. Additionally, there is an abundant supply of skilled labor with textile manufacturing expertise. With a projected employment of 1,000 people and annual sales anticipated to reach $117 million USD, this venture promises significant economic and social benefits.



Joint Venture



Feasibility study