PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Increase small holder rice production in kenya to 600,000 metric tons annually while reducing methane emissions by 90% from rice fields using locally developed Alternate Wetting and Driying (AWD) and Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) technology. PROBLEM STATEMENT Smallholder Rice farmers are faced with high price of fertilizer, shortage of canal water, high price of agricultural input, high rent charges of agricultural machinery, lack of consultancy facilities and lack of credit/finance as the major problems during the rice crop. SOLUTION: (ALTERNATE WETTING AND DRYING (AWD)) AWD reduces methane emissions from rice fields by 60% to 90% AWD reduces water demand by 40% AWD increases paddy rice production by 200kgs per acre. (DIRECT SEEDED RICE(DSR)) DSR eliminates the need for planting seed rice in nursery then transferring to the fields.(Seeds Planted in Fields Direct) It results to labor savings of 43%–49% (in number of person-hours) It promotes early maturity of rice PRODUCT PRICING AWD Kit- USD500 per acre DSR Kit -USD1250 per unit USE OF INVESTMENT FUND: Community Education - $50,000 Stakeholder Training - $50,000 Plants & Equipment - $200,000 Administration - $50,000 Distribution - $100,000 Raw materials and Assembly - $50,000 FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS OF PRE TAX NET PROFIT 2024 - ksh 10 million 2025 - ksh 25 million 2026 - ksh 30 million 2027 - ksh 50 million 2028 - ksh 80 million



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