Milly Fruits Processors Ltd is poised to revolutionize the fruit dehydration industry with the establishment of a new plant capable of processing 5000 MT of raw fruits annually, with plans to double capacity by the third year. This project leverages the strong management and technical expertise of Milly Fruits, which has a proven track record in fruit processing and a robust sourcing network through its out-grower project. By implementing the latest technology in their modern processing unit, the company aims to produce 850 MT of high-quality dehydrated fruits annually, including mangoes, pineapples, and coconuts, targeting both export and domestic markets. This initiative not only aims to reduce post-harvest losses and increase farmers' income by supporting them to adopt the GLOBAL GAP standard but also strives to make farming commercially viable and generate significant rural employment. Projected annual sales are anticipated to reach $1.2 million USD, bolstered by Milly Fruits' established presence in the fruit processing industry and its commitment to high standards like HACCP for food safety. The company plans to create 80 jobs, thus enhancing local employment opportunities, while also setting a benchmark by using solar energy to produce at least 15% of its products, with an eye on increasing this percentage in the future. By combining strong management, technical proficiency, and an expansive sourcing network, Milly Fruits Processors Ltd is well-positioned to deliver premium dried fruit products, contributing to the economic upliftment of rural areas and fostering sustainable agricultural practices.



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