Molgen Scientific, headquartered in Nairobi, stands as a prominent organization specializing in the provision of high-quality medical equipment, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical supplies, and cutting-edge telemedicine solutions across East and Central Africa. The company's primary focus revolves around two pivotal product divisions: Telemedicine and Precision Testing. In the realm of Telemedicine, Molgen addresses the critical issue of limited access to skilled health professionals in underserved areas, leading to potentially fatal consequences and a significant migration of individuals seeking medical expertise. Their solution involves the innovative Tele-vu ecosystem, comprising smart glasses equipped with cameras and a Tele-vu remote portal. This technology facilitates real-time medical guidance and collaboration, transcending geographical barriers. Notably, Molgen holds a first-mover advantage as the exclusive distributors of the device, featuring voice-enabled artificial intelligence in their glasses, enabling hands-free interaction for healthcare professionals even in situations where manual interaction could be hazardous. To make this technology more accessible, Molgen proposes revenue streams such as a Pay-to-Own model and a Pay-to-Use model, allowing hospitals to manage the high acquisition costs through installment payments or per-use fees. Potential clients include renowned medical institutions like Moi Referral, Mater Hospital, Karen Hospital, and Kenya Medical Training Schools. In the Precision Testing domain, Molgen recognizes the prolonged turnaround time for lab results, averaging 21 days, largely attributed to large lab agents outsourcing samples abroad. Moreover, teaching initiatives in hospitals like Kenyatta National Hospital contribute to delays, coupled with a shortage of experts, leading to high misdiagnosis rates. Molgen aims to revolutionize this process by introducing Genomic Sequencing, decoding the DNA sequence of organisms to enable more precise patient diagnoses. Leveraging their telemedicine division, Molgen plans to collaborate with an international network of highly skilled pathologists to streamline lab result processing, reducing the turnaround time from 21 days to just one day. Competing with established entities such as Lancet, Metropolis, Aga Khan Hospital, and Kenyatta National Hospital, Molgen's competitive advantage lies in offering a significantly shorter testing period and more accurate patient diagnoses. To fuel the development of these groundbreaking initiatives, Molgen Scientific seeks an investment of 140 million Kenyan shillings in exchange for a 30% equity stake. These funds are earmarked for expanding the capacity of their telemedicine and lab testing divisions, ultimately advancing healthcare accessibility and accuracy in the region.


Equity Investment