Mumbozuma Limited's investment proposal focuses on establishing a processing plant in Bungoma County, Kenya, dedicated to the value addition of sweet potatoes and various herbs. The plant will primarily produce sweet potato-based snacks, referred to as crackies, and a composite flour comprising dried and milled sweet potatoes, millet, maize, cassava, and soya. Additionally, it will process herbs such as rosemary, lemongrass, guava, and hibiscus, alongside beverages like Musuna (Velvet beans) and soya drinks. With a daily intake capacity of 100 kilograms, this project requires an initial investment of 26 million Kenyan Shillings and is projected to deliver a net present value (NPV) of 4.71 million Shillings. This funding will be utilized for acquiring plant machinery, a transportation van, and constructing a standard storage facility. The project's strength lies in its innovative products and their market potential. Utilizing locally sourced raw materials, which minimizes transportation costs, Mumbozuma Limited aims to introduce unique products to the market. The potential for product diversification is significant, with possibilities ranging from sweet potato crisps and chips to a refreshing drink made from the root tubers. The composite flour, catering to all age groups, and the unique herbal beverages have already garnered positive customer feedback. Despite existing market competition, Mumbozuma Limited's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets it apart, fostering customer loyalty and referrals. The market's increasing preference for natural and nutritious foods enhances the project's appeal, aligning with the growing "back to basics" trend. Mumbozuma Limited anticipates creating 14 direct employment opportunities through this project, with projected annual sales amounting to 196,109.14 USD. Located in Bungoma, Kenya, the plant will serve as a catalyst for economic growth in the region. By leveraging local resources and addressing the market demand for healthy, value-added food products, Mumbozuma Limited is poised to make a significant impact in the agro-processing sector, contributing to the community's socio-economic development and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.



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