The Mumias Industrial Park project, spearheaded by the County Government of Kakamega, aims to transform the economy of the region through industrialization. The county has allocated 48 acres and mapped an additional 152 acres in Mumias West Sub-County for the development of an Export Processing Zone (EPZ). This initiative is expected to bring significant benefits, including job creation and economic empowerment for the local population. The designated land is well-equipped with essential infrastructure, such as a good road network, reliable water supply, electricity, and assured security. The project's success is further bolstered by the support of the County Government and its alignment with the National Government’s Big Four Agenda of Manufacturing and Job Creation. The industrial park will stimulate the relocation of industries to semi-urban or rural areas, relieving congestion and pollution in urban centers. This strategic move will strengthen the industrial base of municipalities and reduce rural-urban migration. The County Government has designed various business-enabling incentives to attract investors, aiming to establish a modern industrial park. The park will host a range of factories, including those for garments, leather, and agricultural equipment assembly, as well as warehouses, real estates, a data center, recovery points, agro-processing plants, and a shopping mall. These developments are expected to foster a vibrant industrial ecosystem, contributing to national innovation and sustainable development goals. The project's strengths lie in the comprehensive infrastructure already in place, such as upgraded road networks, electricity, a Level IV hospital, security, and water supply, ensuring smooth operations. As the first Export Processing Zone in Kenya's western region, the Mumias Industrial Park offers industries easy access to raw materials, a qualified and innovative workforce, an attractive business environment, and high market potential. This initiative promises to drive significant economic growth, making it a cornerstone of regional development and a catalyst for further industrial investment.



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