Njimia Kenya Limited (NKL), a locally owned pharmaceutical manufacturing company established in 2014, focuses on developing and marketing innovative and high-quality pharmaceutical products. Licensed by the Kenyan Pharmacy and Poisons Board, the company manufactures various generic medicines, including painkillers, analgesics, diuretics, antacids, creams, and syrups. With nine years of experience, NKL aims to expand its market, seeking a strategic partner to inject USD 8.0 million for working capital, company upgrade, and expansion. The company, privately owned with a USD 1.4 million start-up capital from KDC, has an annual sales average of USD 1.0 million and a current asset base of USD 2.2 million. NKL's strategic location, efficient manufacturing plant, and commitment from KDC make it an attractive investment opportunity. The company's expansion plans into the East African region, starting with Rwanda, present additional opportunities for investors, impacting various sectors like transport, warehousing, retail, and healthcare, ultimately contributing to improved access to affordable healthcare in the region


Loan,Equity Investment