The National Irrigation Authority is spearheading a USD 57.7 million Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project in Narok County. The area is classified as an Arid and Semi-Arid Land (ASAL) with erratic rainfall, impacting agro-pastoralism and causing food insecurity. The project involves constructing a dam to provide water for irrigation across 18,350 acres, introducing high-value crops and modern farming methods to improve agricultural productivity. Water supply aims to cover Ntuka and Elang’ata Enterit locations, benefitting approximately 14,900 people, 375,965 livestock, and 70 non-individual users, with projections reaching 50,196 people and around 500,000 livestock by 2070. The investor is required to inject USD 40.39 million as debt, offering a 2.77% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) from 2030 to 2058. The project, with a revenue to cost ratio of 0.27, is expected to generate approximately USD 20.7 million, with total Operations and Maintenance Costs of USD 18.5 million and a Depreciation Cost of around USD 15.6 million. The Project's IRR is 2.77%, and the payback period is estimated to be 25 years

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