We currently process and supply organic baobab fruit powder and baobab oil and have been selling in the local market and most recently got into export. We are looking to grow our export market as the demand for natural ingredients and natural cosmetic oils is experiencing rapid growth globally. The export market is a great opportunity for our business to grow our bulk sales. To successfully get into the export market we are seeking investment and collaboration and investment in the following areas; 1. Renew our EU organic certification and acquire other relevant certifications covering other markets e.g. U.S., Asia, Middle East to drive up export sales of our products: 2. Hire an international marketing consultant and participate in a number of international trade fairs to increase our export sales and revenues 3. Purchase a company truck to transport raw materials and end products as we also save costs from renting transport: 4. New product development e.g. baobab healthy bar, baobab juice, moringa oil, moringa powder to diversify our product offering and increase our revenues, 5. Expand our production facility and increase our labor force to cater for increased production levels The project will be located in our current facility in Kibwezi Kenya. The project is expected to greatly increase our revenues as well positively impact the lives of the people in Makueni county where the poverty level is extremely high. This is by providing an income to farmers whom we shall source our fruits from and increasing the number of employees we work with. Project Strengths We are currently one of the top suppliers of baobab products in Kenya. This has been due to the fact that we have sought to understand the value chain and we are currently in a good position to handle the entire products which ensure that we can guarantee on good quality. Our project is also located in Makueni county and this ensures that we are close to the raw materials. In addition, the market projections for baobab powder and baobab oil internationally are quite positive as the world moves to using more natural ingredients as consumers have become more aware of the health benefits of products they buy and consume.



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