Ponea Health, established in 2019, is a healthcare technology platform focused on developing and marketing innovative and high-quality pharmaceutical products. The platform employs user-friendly mobile apps and web platforms to connect consumers with healthcare providers through various modes of healthcare delivery. Additionally, Ponea Health offers an embedded finance system for seamless payments to healthcare providers. With USD 5 million injected by sponsors, the company aims to tap into the increasing digital population in Kenya, where over 60% use smartphones. Ponea Health seeks a strategic partner to inject USD 10 million for infrastructure expansion, capitalizing on the growing demand for digital outpatient healthcare delivery. The company's unique offerings position it as a leading player in e-health solutions, taking advantage of the country's high smartphone penetration rate. Ponea Health's focus is on empowering consumers to control their health while facilitating healthcare providers in delivering optimal care through data-driven health decisions and treatments



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