Popote Innovations Limited (PIL) operates in Kenya's FinTech industry, focusing on payment automation and expense management services through its platform, Popote Pay. KDC invested USD 3.1 million in the company during its early stages, and Popote Pay is designed primarily for small and medium businesses (SMBs), with proven success in serving a diverse range of industries, corporates, non-profits, and government entities. As of December 31, 2022, Popote has 1.75K accounts, recorded 1.97 million transactions valued at USD 132 million, and generated revenues of USD 2.53 million. The company, seeking a strategic partner, plans to recapitalize with USD 3 million in convertible debt to scale its proven Spend Management solution. Popote aims to create 23 direct jobs, connect to Pan African payment infrastructure, achieve an ARR of USD 5 million, and open Series A. Positioned as an environmentally friendly ICT company, Popote anticipates the increasing indispensability of Spend Management solutions for businesses in the coming years, capitalizing on its pioneering status in Africa's FinTech