Kirinyaga County is an agrarian driven economy and has been a leading producer in agriculture raw produce. The main crops produced in the county are Coffee, Tea, Rice, Bananas, Avocados, Macadamia, Tomatoes and French Beans and Livestock farming. To promote value addition, increase farmers’ income and expand the county revenue base, the County Government of Kirinyaga has set aside approximately two hundred and fifty-four (254) acres for development of an industrial park that targets manufacturing/ agro-processing of the agricultural products produced in the county. The development of the Industrial Park will target the optimization of Kirinyaga agricultural production potential and it will also support the government of Kenya’s industrialization strategy. The park will offer facilities for specialized: - agro-processing; agro-logistics and storage; farm machinery, equipment and services centre; social services; and general trading/business/commercial services. The industrial park will play an integral part in creating both direct and indirect employment as well as the redistribution of wealth across the county.


Building and Construction

Joint Venture



Proposal ready

● Availability of free government land for infrastructural development ● Partial government support on infrastructure development