Sunuk Limited aims to increase boat building capacity in Kenya and East Africa, particularly along the coastal and inland waters, is a strategic move aligned with the region's economic expansion under the Blue Economy initiative. The Kenyan government is proactively enhancing Maritime and Fisheries Laws to fortify this sector, which is expected to stimulate a significant demand for modern fibre fishing boats essential for both fishing and transportation. Sunuk/Serve Marine, having already established a solid market presence across the region, is well-positioned to meet this growing need and support the sustainable development of local maritime activities. With a projected annual income of $318,000 USD and plans to generate employment for 13 people, Sunuk/Serve Marine aims to play a pivotal role in the economic upliftment of coastal and inland communities. By increasing its boat building capacity, the company will not only cater to the rising demand for advanced boats but also contribute to the broader goals of the Blue Economy. This initiative promises to enhance local employment opportunities, stimulate regional economic growth, and support the development of a robust maritime infrastructure in Kenya and East Africa.

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Building and Construction

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