The TARDA Upper Hill Proposed Development, spearheaded by the Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority, seeks to tackle the challenge of housing TARDA’s offices currently situated in costly rented spaces in the City Centre. The envisioned complex, located in Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya, boasts key features such as a high-rise office building, conference facility, hotels, parking, and mixed-use spaces. With a competitive edge in land ownership (1.7 acres), developed plots, and connected amenities, the project opens doors for integrated development plans, international conferences, and stakeholder forums. Marketed against current rent rates for retail and office spaces, the initiative requests an investment of USD 35.8 million and introduces risk mitigation strategies, including addressing financial, environmental, legal, economic, political, and technical risks. The project's social and economic impact, along with specific timelines, is yet to be detailed. Overall, the TARDA Upper Hill Proposed Development holds promise as a multifaceted urban development endeavor with the potential for economic growth and increased functionality for TARDA's operations.

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