The Tea Factory in Kakamega, spearheaded by the Kakamega County Investment and Development Agency, is a transformative project with multiple objectives. Primarily, it aims to enhance the livelihood of local citizens through substantial employment opportunities. Additionally, the factory will provide a dedicated market for local farmers' tea, thereby improving their income. By manufacturing specialty teas that fetch premium prices, the project also seeks to increase revenue for both the county and the nation, rewarding farmers for their hard work and dedication. The project's strengths are foundational to its success. Kakamega County boasts an abundance of raw materials essential for tea production, ensuring a steady supply chain. The market for specialty teas is robust and growing, providing ample opportunities for sales and revenue generation. The county's well-developed infrastructure, including roads, three-phase power, and reliable water supply, supports efficient factory operations and logistics. Furthermore, the business environment in Kakamega is conducive to investment and growth, backed by supportive policies and regulations. With projected sales of USD 333,700,000, the Tea Factory is set to become a significant player in the manufacture of food products and beverages. It is anticipated to create employment for 1,490 people, substantially boosting the local economy and enhancing the quality of life for many families. This project not only leverages Kakamega County's strengths but also aligns with broader economic development goals, positioning the region as a hub for high-quality tea production and contributing to its overall prosperity.



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