This is an infrastructural project requiring a long term view of the prospects for the County and of its ability to generate business. The current water demand in the County is 15,000m3 per day and is expected to rise to 25,000m3 per day by 2019. The TAVEVO Water and Sewerage Company currently supplies 3,000 m3 per day of water, which is 20% of the water demand. The County Government is committed to a permanent, far reaching and sustainable solution to the water challenge in the County that will provide for its citizens, unlock economic opportunities, and preserve the fauna and flora of the National Parks. The project will directly address the core tenets of the CIDP and TTT 2020 strategy and bring about the following benefits: Increase access to potable water in the county from 35% to 95% of the population; Enhance food security and livelihoods through small landholder gardens, irrigation and livestock; Revamp livestock farming and dairy and related industries to create employment.

Water and Sanitation

Public Private Partnership




Taita Taveta