This project consists of a modern abattoir capable of slaughtering up to 700 animal units in a week. It is a relatively low-margin enterprise which has fixed overheads that are generally low thus guaranteeing a satisfactory return for the investor. It is an attractive project because the demand for beef is high and increasing and selling prices are increasing by 14% annually. There is also an increasing and unmet demand in the international markets from as close as Tanzania and to all the way in Europe and the Middle East. It is expected to work very well in tandem with Project 03 (feedlot) to help ensure a steady supply of animals. Currently, live animals are exported to the Middle East from TaitaTaveta County. The modern slaughter house will upscale the value of exports through TaitaTaveta; and integrate a tannery for hides and skins processing. As business develops, the facility can be expanded to accommodate more complex processing. This will help to minimise the initial investment and as supply grows organically, so too can the facility expand on services as needed. The facility will be built to proper KEBS specifications and will be fully HACCP compliant.


Public Private Partnership




Land for lease, Friendly investment policies

Taita Taveta