The specific objective of this project therefore is to improve the transmission capacity of Chebara-Kapsoya transmission mainline so as to be able to evacuate the full design potential of the treatment works of 28,000 m3/day and determine the capability of the treatment plant to treat the 34,000m3/day maximum outflow from the dam. This will be achieved by laying a DN 600 new parallel HDPE pipeline from CH 0+ 00 to CH 3 + 300, Construction of an aeration chamber at Chebara treatment plant and DN 500 new parallel HDPE pipeline from CH 37+ 102 to Munyaka Centre. Eldoret town and its environs has a current demand of 60,000m3/day while the water produced is only 43,000m3/day which has led to cases of intermittent water supply. The existing sources are from Chebara 23,000m3/day and Ellegerini-Kapsoya has a capacity of 9,000m3/day while Sosiani has a capacity of 11,000m3/day. The proposed Augmentation works will improve water supply by an additional 5,000 m3/day which will serve to decrease the current demand as well as increase revenue for Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company (ELDOWAS). The estimated cost of the project is KES 467,587,858.65 which cover costs for construction and consultancy costs. Eldoret water & sanitation Company is seeking financing for the Augmentation of the Chebara Pipeline to be able to meet the water demand thereby contributing to Vision 2030 aspirations. ELDOWAS is therefore seeking for development partners to implement the project

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