The LAPSSET Corridor Highways connect Lamu Port to landlocked Ethiopia and South Sudan, enabling movement of people and cargo along the Corridor, interconnecting the region, spurring trade and economic development. The main roads include: Lamu Port access road(10Km); Lamu-Witu Garsen road (113Km); Lamu-Garissa-Moyale (530Km); Isiolo-Moyale-Hawassa (505km); Isiolo-Lokichar-Nadapal-Torit-Juba (700Km). The Isiolo – Marsabit – Moyale (505km) section is 100% complete while the 338 km section between Lokichar – Lodwar - Nakodok is under construction and is expected to be complete by end of 2020. The detailed engineering designs for Lamu - Garissa – Isiolo (530 km) road section is complete and Isiolo – Lokichar (320Km) road section is under review. The expected Economic Internal Rate of Return (EIRR) for the entire LAPSSET road network is 12.9% against the opportunity cost of 12%.


Building and Construction

Public Private Partnership



Feasibility study