Solar has become one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources. It provides an excellent solution to the issue of our diminishing finite resources. Solar also provides energy “security” because it is harvested from our most abundant resources; the sun. For this reason, solar energy will be a viable option for energy as long as the sun exists. With a number of Solar PV projects already operational in the country, the expertise to design, construct and operate these facilities is not lacing in Kenya. Furthermore, the Ministry of Energy, acting under the provisions of the Energy Act 2012 and the Solar PV regulations there under, has gone through great lengths to ensure increased training opportunities for solar PV technicians hence increasing the levels of technical capacity available to prospective solar PV investors. The main objective of the project is to contribute to the cost-effective, reliable and sustainable power supply in rural growth centers and thus to foster efficient and sustainable use of power.


Public Private Partnership


Taita Taveta