For the iron and steel sector to progress to the next level and drive Kenya's industrialization, establishing the country's first integrated steel mill with an initial capacity of about a 1.1million tons per year. The project will be implemented through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the government and Investment Partners. As per Vision 2030 flagship projects, the following activities need to be undertaken: • Establishment of the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for the iron and steel sector. • Firming up the quantities and quality of the iron ore and Coal deposits in the country • Establishment of the integrated iron and Steel Mill • Under the integrated iron and steel mill, the following activities need to be undertaken; a. Stakeholder Workshops for the development of the Integrated Steel Mill b. Land acquisition c. Benchmarking study tours d. Development of basic infrastructure e. Development of an Integrated Steel Mill f. Monitoring and evaluation exercise



Public Private Partnership



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