KenGen has completed plans to set up a 453ha Industrial Park at its geothermal power generation hub at Olkaria-Naivasha in order to take advantage of the competitively priced geothermal steam and electricity as key economic drivers of production. The park will provide industrial, commercial and recreational facilities and will be developed in two phases, the completion of the first phase planned by 2022. The park is strategically located along regional transport routes with access by road and rail. The park will provide quality and reliable utilities and energy supply (Electricity, high pressure Steam and Brine at 130°C) which will be managed through an appointed developer who will develop infrastructure for a plug and play environment. An EOI for interested developers/Locators to lease land and set up at the park and utilize the vast geothermal energy. The link below will provide you with the necessary information;


Building and Construction,Manufacturing

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Land Availability