MUA is seeking investors to construct & jointly operate the MUA Management Hub. The project provides ultra-modern research and learning facilities hosting researchers and business developers from all over the world interested in gaining entry into the African markets. The project will support the ongoing activities at MUA research and development department, where a lot of ground work is already taking place to support potential investors with current information on many economic sectors. The Management Hub will support the work of EAC institutions on investment promotion providing them with well researched information to forward to investors all over the world. The Management Hub will in addition provide residential research facilities for use in medium and long term research, planning, investments analysis, feasibility studies and business planning, networking and communication services at a quiet and convenient location in Kisaju.The socio-economic benefits include delivering a one-stop shop for investors, from technical expertise to detailed financial analysis, meeting spaces, specialised library, ICT infrastructure and short to long-term accommodation


Joint Venture




Popo Road, Off Mombasa Road, Bellevue, South C