Seal Towers Limited (STL), a company that was incorporated locally in August 2015, is currently constructing patented low cost telecommunication towers, commonly known as Base Transmission Stations (BTS), for lease to Mobile Network Operators (MNO). STL has the objective to expand mobile telecommunication penetration in Kenya by building and maintaining a network of compact low cost towers across various regions and subsequently leasing them to the MNOs. MNOs in Kenya include Safaricom Ltd, Airtel Networks Kenya Ltd, Telkom Kenya Ltd and Jamii Telecommunications Limited. The company has been licensed by Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) to construct 65 BTS’s for lease to MNOs out of which 12 are fully constructed and operational. This project will go a long way in increasing network coverage in Kenya especially for 3G and 4G categories which currently cover less than 40% of the country which will impact directly on millions of Kenyans who will be able to transact their businesses faster and with ease owing to improved network coverage.



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